Hardscape Installation

Hardscape designs can bring a great touch to your yard and landscape. Examples can include brick patios, landscape pavers stones, sidewalks, wooden decks, and much more. Let DG's Lawncare assist you in bring something new to your landscaping design through our various hardscape installation options, including garden ponds with fish and waterfalls.

Retaining walls are often used to create a boundary between hardscapes and earth landscaping features, or softscapes. Softscapes include flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, and flower beds. The purpose is to lend character to the landscaping, create an aura, ambience, and reflect the sensibilities of the inhabitants. A landscape designer from our team can help you find where retaining walls would enhance your property's look.

From an aesthetic perspective, hardscape design allows a landscaping contractor to erect landscaping features that would otherwise be impossible due to soil erosion or that compensate for large amounts of human traffic that would cause wear on bare earth or grass. So call DG's Lawncare in Victorville, CA to learn more about our hardscape installation and landscape design services.


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